Cross My Heart and Hope to Live in Love

Last evening, we began our Lenten Journey: On the Way to Fierce Love, with a beautiful worshipful gathering on Zoom and Facebook. Wesley’s sermon was amazing; Madge Dietrich and Branch Woodman offered gorgeous music; Natalie Perkin’s words of welcome and blessing and Ben Perry’s prayer were just what my soul needed.
I suggested that though we miss each other, when we gather in digital spaces—worshiping with our God and with each other—it is an act of defiance. Our living, our worship defies death, and it creates joy! Look at that baby girl loving worship in the photo above! You can find Ash Wednesday worship here.
I invite you to gather bread, cup, and ashes, and begin this journey anew. In fact, every time we break bread and share cup—at Starbucks, through Grubhub, at our kitchen table—we commune with the Living God. It doesn’t have to be Ash Wednesday for you and me to cross our foreheads, or cross our hearts as a sign that we are living in Fierce Love.
Come Sunday, we continue to celebrate Black History, Black Future, and Black Living. Our new Executive Minister—Rev. Darrell Hamilton II will be preaching live an exciting sermon called “Good News from the Ghetto.” You’ll see some awesome new worship pieces and some fantastic memorable ones as well. I’ll be doing liturgy live and can’t wait to be with you.
Be sure to hold the date, February 28, for a special Race Matters Leadership Lab from 1:00-2:30p. I’m preaching in the morning, and John Janka and I will lead a lab on what it means to be an antiracist, multiethnic community. If you can read our book, Ten Essential Strategies to Build a Multiracial Church, ahead of that, please do.
My ashes wore off this morning, but I’m sending you this note, saying a prayer, and crossing my heart. To remember I am on a journey. To make a sign that I belong to God, no matter what. To honor that I am a sanctuary, and God is here.  I cross my heart, and hope to live in fierce love always.
Big kiss,