How We March to Rise

I pray you are warm, safe and well. Did you get crazy snow where you are sheltered? For me and John it was almost three feet of beautiful snow, absolutely lovely until time to clean it up. Then it was hard sweaty work in the cold. Life is like that, isn’t it? Beauty and tough work; the sound of softness and the roar of machinery; digital connections and loneliness; a new administration and long-standing toxic politics. This month is about both Black History and the shared history of our nation’s people—we are both proud and ashamed of parts of our shared story. We live in the both/and, my friends.
Dealing with the fire—making plans for the future, raising money to rebuild—has been both filled with grief and hope. We live in the midst of sorrow and support from our communities. I’m both exhausted and energized by the conversations, the meetings, thinking of a way forward. I am both leading and following our amazing consistory. Middle Church is both burned, and rising. We’re rising to offer you care and to rebuild our sacred space.
To help us rebuild, some special friends are throwing a party that will entertain us and raise funds to rebuild our sacred site. On March 25, at 7:00p, March to Rise is a virtual concert, hosted by Tituss Burgess and Bevy Smith, to raise money for rebuilding our sacred space. The evening will feature performances by stars like Norah Jones, Emily King, Ani DiFranco, Ellie Kemper, Daniel Breaker and Aunjanue Ellis, and inspirational words from luminaries like Melissa Harris-Perry, Linda Sarsour, Van Jones, Michelle Hurd, Charles Randolph Wright, Gabby Bernstein, Marianne Williamson and so many more. There will be surprise auctions, words that will ignite your soul and music to bring you to your feet. Click here to learn more and get your ticket!
Come Sunday, we’ve planned worship to heal your heart and prepare you to heal the world. I’m preaching a sermon that focuses on what it means to both do justice and to build our love-relationship with the Holy. Natalie and Wesley will offer a special communion, and John and Dionne have beautiful music planned.
Rising to our best selves and a better world is both individual and communal, spiritual and political. We’re called to love our neighbors—and our God—and love ourselves. It’s not simplistic; it’s complicated. But, it’s what we’re invited to do—together.
Love you,