Step Up, Jump In and Vote

My head is still reeling from the debate this week. It was the stuff of nightmares. As Dan Rather wrote recently, “There is no sugar coating the dangers and darkness we live in.” No kidding, sir. To hear our commander in chief respond to a question about white terrorist groups with, “…stand back and stand by…” brought chills. It’s dangerous to be Black, to be a woman, to be Queer, to be poor, to be Jewish, Muslim, or Sikh in days like these.
Even still, Dan Rather also spoke my hope, “But I remain heartened that the majority of Americans do not want this.” I hope good people of faith and moral courage, good people who might not believe in God but who believe in Love—no matter their political party—will NOT step back but will step up and vote. That we will not stand by but we will jump in and engage, and use our ballots as instruments of healing the soul of our nation.
As my colleagues, the Auburn Senior Fellows urge: May you vote for healing, for a healthy planet, for the value of Black lives, for all our children. May you vote for love. Vote as an act of faith: Faith in one another, and the promise that our democracy can be something better than what we see right now.

Tonight, come get educated on how to the battle for the soul of our nation in our second Freedom Lab. SO many good speakers will be with us, including our Achebe Powell, and yours truly.
I’m SO excited for Sunday and our Home Is Here program. The worship and music team has prepared a gift that is off the chain! I’ll be preaching live at the 11:45 AM ET celebration, and at 1:00 PM ET we’ll serve communion and do voting and census organizing on the steps outside of the sanctuary. Wear your mask and come for some socially distanced fellowship. And, for those who can’t come in person, we’ll offer a virtual homecoming celebration at 1:00 PM ET as well.
As we begin this new programmatic year, please complete this form to update the contact information we have on file for you! And, if you’re able, make a pledge today so we know that we can count on your support.
I MISSED you while I was writing and I held you in my prayers. Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces in the digital spaces and outside on Sunday.
As Ophelia says, I love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much.
And God does, too.