Merry Christmas, Beloved Family

Merry Christmas!
Today we celebrate the birth of a special baby: Yeshua Ben Joseph. Mary’s little baby. Joseph’s boy. A brown, Jewish baby born in a scandal to a young woman—an outsider; raised by a carpenter. He came to bring light to the world, light that can’t be put out by anger, violence, or fear. He came to teach us how to love; he was uniquely Word made flesh; light made flesh; love made flesh.
You, cherished one, are also love made flesh. You are a unique beautiful creature, a place in which love resides.
As we celebrate the birth of the one we came to call Jesus, Rabbi and Christ, may his job description be ours: Let’s heal our souls and the world. How? Let’s love the hell out of this world and each other. Just Love. Love. Period.
I love you SO much!