We do not have time to waste. Our world is shattered and we are hurting. This journey we’re sojourning will transform our lives. The only thing I ask of us is to stay honest and open to Fierce Love.

It takes courage to peer into our stories, ask what is there and what may need to change for our collective liberation. This week we’re going to be courageous storytellers because we all deserve to flourish! 


First, let’s take a deep breath, find our journal and begin with a reflection on self-love:

– How do you define self-love? Do you have a moment in your life when you put that definition into practice?

– What are the upsides of loving yourself?

– What do you think are some of the real-world consequences of people not loving themselves?


Now, let’s dig deeper. And, write our stories:

Write your story on one page:

– Share learning moments around race, gender, sex, class, and love.

– Share the hard uncomfortable truths of moments you’ve been complicit in harm or remained silent.

– Share how you would engage those moment differently.

– Share grace and affirmation toward yourself and your continued growth.

– Write a commitment statement around loving yourself, neighbor, and the world.


Lastly, let’s ask the who, what, when, where and how’s of our stories:

– Who taught you about love and justice?

– Do you feel what they shared with you still holds true?

– If so, why? If not, why?

– How might you redefine love and justice today in your ongoing story?

  • What is your commitment to this redefinition?

– When did you notice that systems of oppression at play in your story?

– Where were you when you experienced white supremacy in your story?

– What was your reaction? How did it make you feel?

– How can you work to release false narratives around love & justice in your story?

– How do you think your story liberate others?


Now that you’ve ventured through these prompts, let’s chat over them for a moment!

Believe it or not, our stories can liberate! When we chose to share how we’ve progressed in how we view the world and name our wrongdoings, we bear witness to harm we’ve caused and we mirror that change is possible. It’s vulnerable to share the uncomfortable, but Fierce Love requires that we name the full truth ALWAYS.

In a world of fascist thinking that restricts our truth, sharing our stories is more important than ever! When we share our truth, we begin to embody what is of us and release what is not.

For the rest of this week, I want to empower you to make a list of what belongs to you and what does not! You might be surprised and what you discover.


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