Making Fierce Love real requires us to get inside ourselves and really interrogate our own stuff.

For the last three weeks we’ve been interrogating so that we can start imagining what Fierce Love in action looks like. As I preached Sunday at Middle Church, peace starts with us. And peace comes from within.

You are here on this journey because you desire to see love cross borders and boundaries. Are you ready to to make Fierce Love real?

“I remember like yesterday the Good Canadian who scooped me up when I was crying in a hospital lobby. She crossed borders and narratives to help me. Gave me food, a place to stay and drove me the next day to get belongings I needed after a car accident.

She showed me that humans do have the capacity for the fiercest kind of love. Love that transcends this world’s prescriptions on race, sex, class and culture. Her  love that day healed my hurt, comforted my grief, and reminded me that when we show up for each other we’re making fierce love possible for all.”

Chapter 4, Fierce Love | Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis 

I think back to this moment often. It’s a tangible memory of what Fierce Love looks like in real time. It’s an example of how to show up and love one another well.

For our first movement this week, reflect over your life. What tangible moments can you recall of someone showing up for you? Offering you Fierce Love?

– write as much detail as you need

– recall phrases or actions that really touched you; changed your life even

Now, in what ways can you embody these offerings toward you and give them to yourself daily?

– list ways you can do this

– ways to remind yourself of self love (phrases, quotes, affirmations)

Now, for the rest of the week make a note of ways you made Fierce Love real for yourself and others?

– what did you do

– how did it make you feel

– would you do it again

– will you empower others to act on fierce love

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