Confronting with love can transform our circumstance.

Inside our families and circles of friends there can be intense pressure to keep our mouths shut and just go along to keep the “peace.”

But after a while, as we’ve learned on our journey, we store up a trunk load of micro-aggressions, hurt, and shame.

Fierce love requires loving confrontation. Change becomes possible when we confront our issues. This action is what real love looks like.

Now, I know that not every time we confront something will it transform our circumstances. Change can be slow. What I’m saying is we must turn toward the things that need changing and try to change them.

This week we’re using our moral courage to confront what may be broken or harmful to begin healing ourselves and the world.

Confronting what is broken or harmful is the beginning of healing.

Where does it hurt?

– Identify places where you may be harboring something you actually need to confront and how that might be causing harm?

– Have you shared with this person(s) this hurt?

– If not, why?

Confronting is honorable

Confrontation is actually honoring those you love by being honest with them about what hurts or what isn’t working. The same goes for systems that no longer serve us or never did. We’ve got to speak up!

– What would you need to feel supported in confronting the situation you wrote about in movement one?

– How would it feel to confront this situation and release what you’ve been holding?

– What would be needed to continue healing post confrontation?

Prep for the moment 

This might seem a bit silly but let’s try prepping for this moment of confrontation. Role play the scenario out loud with yourself or a friend. Here are a few prompts to consider:

– Write one sentence that encapsulates your hurt and need to confront.

– Share what you need in that moment post sharing.

– Offer ways you think you can move forward with this person(s).

– Write one sentence to yourself affirming that your share is valid and needed for transformation.

– Will you empower others to act on fierce love?

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