Doing Life Imperfectly, With Love

I pray you are well! I’m at my parents’ house in Chicago, now, holding in my body stories I can’t wait to tell you. I have not been to Chicago since my dad’s 85th birthday, November 2019. COVID CRAZINESS! Today, I’m hanging with my niece, Rio. She is almost 10 years old, a brilliant, kind, gifted, beautiful girl who wants a career in entertainment — singing, acting, dancing — and then she’ll run for President. Yes, of the United States. I’m watching her choreograph a routine with her bestie, on Facetime. They are collaborating … first the round off, then the hand stand, then the straddle jump, then the cheer-leader type moves. Ella is a cute strawberry blond, nicely-tanned girl. I hear her saying to Rio, “OK, let’s try that.” Then Rio says, “I like your move, too.” No competition, just blending … conceding … collaborating.
I like the sound of them. I wish I could capture it, share it, teach it. What if our electeds knew how to do this? What if ALL adults knew how to do this? To know there is room enough for all good ideas, that we are better together than we are apart. Rio just said, “When we come up for our bow, we should have our hands up.” What if our children only had to worry about having their hands up after a dance routine because we do a better job of being adults?
With a nice breeze blowing, sitting in my childhood backyard, watching a girl I love dance, hearing the sounds of my brothers trash-talking while playing pool, I’m thinking about the story of my people, a story of suffering and struggle, of resistance, resilience, and joy. I’m thinking of you, too, of home, our wonderful imperfect community of lovers, making new stories together.
Come Sunday, you’ll hear a sermon from Rev. Chad Tanaka Pack in our new Interactive Worship. We’re trying something new in August and September, a way to learn on our journey to gathering in person come October. Our team is excited and hope you will be, too. In addition to the usual worship streaming options at, or on Facebook and YouTube, you’ll be able to see your Middle family and share your love with one another in breakout rooms during the passing of the peace. To join the interactive worship experience, click here to register and receive Zoom details.
Rio has hit a little snag now with her friend Ella. She’s negotiating, like a president might, making her case, pushing lightly. It’s making me smile out loud. All is not perfect. But they are doing the things we need to do, having imperfect conversations, filled with imperfect love. We’re all Imperfect people, living together, building a world. That’s life. That’s what we do.
Love you …