Home Again!

I’m home!! Back to the familiar sights and sounds. Laundry is running and we’re off to the store for essentials and a special dinner—scallops for John and a steak for me.
I’ve had such a great traveling and learning adventure and will be sharing more about it in the next little bit, a retrospective so to speak. And then I’m going to chill. Do some reading, relaxing and journaling. I KNOW you think I can’t be still. But I can and I will and I must. Be still, for my soul.
I pray for you some stillness, too. Some peace and joy. Some rest and recharge. Most of all I pray you love.
Come Sunday, we’re continuing in our new interactive worship experience. Rev. Darrell will preach, “This Ain’t Oatmeal,” and you know he’ll bring that prophetic fire. PLUS, for New York folks, Rev. Natalie is hosting another outdoor worship viewing party, this week in Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens. So if you’re longing for a little in-person community, you’ll find it waiting for you there.
Peace be with you beloved. Peace, stillness and so much love. For your soul and mine.
P.S. You still have one week to RSVP your child to attend our Kids Freedom Summer Camp from August 23 – 25! Don’t miss this fabulous chance for your kids to engage arts, faith and activism—as we train future leaders to build a just world.