Imagine This: Violence or Love?

I write you on Day 2 of Revolutionary Love: The Courage to Imagine. The staff did an amazing job of putting all the tech and details in place for the conference we curated to soar. It’s not too late to get a ticket, beloved. And with a ticket, you can watch the conference at your leisure. So far more than 1,300 people have registered for the conference. Enter the promo code DREAMER for your Middle family discount.
I can’t tell you how my heart is broken at the ongoing violence in our nation. This nation—built on the violence of death, enslavement, land-stealing, white supremacy, and war—cultivates killing. Eight people lie dead (the shooter makes nine) and so many more injured in Indianapolis. Daunte Wright is dead. Adam Toledo is dead. George Floyd, Breanna Taylor … the list is too long. The circumstances may differ, but violence is the cause.
Our hate-filled, white-supremacist culture breeds violence against Asian people; against Trans people; against Muslims, and Jews; against women, children, and the vulnerable. Poverty is violence. Mass incarceration is violence. We’ve got to do something about this.
I dream a world in which love is curated, in which peace is cultivated, in which we understand that the liberation, thriving, and surviving of people and planet is all tied up together. Our justice conference—the 15th annual conference—is our intention to set a table at which courageous imagination and bold action create Shalom on earth. My new book, Fierce Love: A Bold Path to a Better Life and a Better World is both prayer and prescription toward the same. If you what to think with me now on all things love power, check out my new podcast, Love. Period., co-produced with the Center for Action and Contemplation.
And you, Middle Family—you are proof that things can change; proof that we can be Beloved Community. You are my dream-come-true. I am teary thinking of the ways you are loving on one of our families right now; I am teary thinking of your activism and love lived-out-loud; I’m moved that we are on this spiritual journey, together. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME HOPE IN THESE HOT-MESS TIMES.
Come to the conference if you can. And come Sunday, we are going to have some church up in here. New music and archived favorites; dance; our young people dreaming dreams; and my sermon, “Fierce Love and Courageous Imagination.” Bible in the Middle, Kids’ Sunday Enrichment, and Chat and Chew will provide space on Sunday to see your Middle family should you not attend the conference.
I love you, SO much