Love Shakes Our Country’s Foundation

Last night’s debate was both infuriating and revelatory. Watching the Vice President smugly lie about the racism and incompetence that has killed more than 210,000 people is maddening; his disregard for the moderator and disrespect for Sen. Harris makes my blood boil. At the same time, I find so much hope in everything that Sen. Harris represents. Her Jamaican/Indian ancestry and her family’s migratory history embody the promised land to which we’re headed. By 2045, our country will no longer be majority white; our future will be guided by the brilliance of leaders like the soon-to-be Vice President. Mike Pence knows this, too; you could hear his fear as white supremacy crumbles.
However, we must never take this promise for granted: Just this morning, Sen. Mike Lee tweeted, “Democracy isn’t the objective.” Make no mistake: White supremacy will do everything it can to retain power, even if it means destroying our democracy in its pursuit. If we want the future God desires for each of us, we must do the hard work of being midwives to its birth.
And that’s why I am so incredibly proud of this congregation: Our Voter Reform Project has written more than 30,000 postcards to voters in swing states, encouraging them to cast their ballots for love and justice! Nine hundred people have already purchased tickets to our antiracism class; last night my indigenous friends Mark Charles and Kaitlin Curtice plainly laid out the work we need to do. Tonight we talk about how white people can dismantle their own racism, with Macky Alston and V (formerly Eve Ensler). Tickets are still available if you want to join, and you’ll receive recordings of both night’s conversations as well.
As much as what we do, though, I’m given hope by who we are. This congregation is living into beloved community—right here, right now—while demanding our elected officials catch up. Our world will be more loving, more just, because folks like us have shown the path forward. But it is not easy: It requires faith that the God who created us for this work will sustain us as we co-create our future.
This much I know: God sustains us through community. We hear how much you want to see each other, so this Sunday from 2:00-4:00 PM, we’re going to beta test getting together in outdoor parks in small safe numbers. YOU MUST RSVP HEREand receive a confirmation from Middle Church of your attendance prior to the event as we cap gatherings at 20. Safety remains our first priority at this come-at-your-own-risk event. All participants are required to fill out a health and safety screening prior to the event, and mask-wearing and socially distancing will be enforced. Please bring your own food and drink, should you want something, and a mat or chair to sit on. This Sunday’s meetups will only be in Manhattan as we test our ability to safely offer this opportunity, and as we monitor COVID numbers across the city. And update your information in our database so we know how best to care for you!
I also want to express my deep gratitude for the way this community is sustaining itself financially. You pledged more than $70,000 for our homecoming pledge drive—unlocking an additional $50,000 matching donation. We still have a long way to go to meet this year’s funding goals, but your generosity will enable us to continue providing cancel rent grants and antiracist education to build God’s kindom. If you haven’t made a pledge yet, please let us know so that we can anticipate your support.
On Sunday, we’ll continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a powerful sermon from Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre, who will speak about “Golden Idols.” As always, the celebration will be filled with glorious music. And I’ll see you for some ‘live’ moments.
I know how scared so many of you are right now; I feel that fear too. But I believe with all my heart that the love of this community, and millions like us, will prevail. We have 25 days left: Let’s get to work!
In just love,
P.S. The deadline to register to vote in New York is tomorrow!!! If you haven’t registered yet, DO IT RIGHT NOW. And if you don’t live in New York, consult this list of registration deadlines to make sure your voice is heard.