Rest is a Destination

It’s taken a moment to wrap up, wind down and get on this sabbatical. Crossing t’s. Dotting i’s. Rest is a destination and I’m almost there. This sunset with John? I want more of those! Chilling with family and friends restores my soul.
Come Sunday I begin the study part of my journey with a conversation with Bishop William J. Barber II. I’ll preach at his church; can you “come” at 10:00 a.m. ET? You can watch the livestream here.
Meanwhile, at Middle this Sunday, Elise and Rev. Ben will preach about “Prophets Among Us,” naming how trans and nonbinary folks liberate everyone from harmful gender binaries. Our queerness cannot be contained within the month of June and it certainly will not be contained by cultural norms, either. We hope you’ll join us as they explore that freedom, and invite you to participate in it.
And people of every age can join us for our upcoming Middle Summer Mixers series. The first of those will take place on Sunday, July 18th, at 2:00 p.m. ET in Tompkins Square Park, you can email Rev. Amanda with more questions and to let her know you’ll be there. And look out for an invitation to our new Middle Members Portal next Tuesday, because Rev. Natalie is going to use that organize meet-ups all over the country!
I’ll be sending you, along with my love, some pics and posts along my learning journey. AND I hope along with all we do to heal the world, we’ll meet at a place called “rest,” and heal our souls as well.
P.S. If you missed my State of the Middle Address last weekend, it’s up on our YouTube channel and you can watch it now!