Thankful for Your Love

What’s in YOUR inbox? Let me top it off with this note of thanksgiving and love. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MIDDLE SO RICH WITH REVOLUTIONARY LOVE!! YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU MAKE US WHO WE ARE AND I LOVE YOU!!
My inbox is full. Anything I’ve browsed—a replacement for my ripped jacket; some message T-shirts from Melanin Apparel; PJs for the little people in my life—shows up over and over again, inviting me to purchase it in a Black Friday sale. The babyGap sale, to be honest, could mean two pairs of PJs—one a size-up—for each of our two grandchildren, who are growing like weeds.
Still, the commodification of the holidays is difficult to swallow. I find myself thinking about the Lenape people, the original inhabitants of Manahatta. We—the Dutch Reformed Church, that is now the Collegiate Church—are responsible for their suffering. Below are some links about their history and ours. I share so we can reflect together on this moment in our lives. What are we thankful for? How did we come to be who we are? If we dream a world, what does that look like? How do we repair what’s broken, together?
One way we repair is by creating community in whatever ways we can. Today, we want to make sure that no one spends the holiday alone. So, if you need love and friendly faces, join our Gathering of Gratitude and Community at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Come Sunday—the first Sunday of Advent—I’ll be preaching about hope and how we partner with God to repair our world. Rob, Hershey and baby J will be with us! In the Chat and Chew, join me and Wesley Rowell as we talk about what the Reign of God looks like. And hopefully you’ll have found a beautiful and safe way to give thanks to God for your life, not because of pilgrims and turkeys, but because God is good!
And if you want to spend some money…Please:
Make a donation to Middle Church toward our Cancel Rent/Mortgage, Deacon’s Fund or Black Lives Matter Fund. Our work matters and with your support—even $5/week—you can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is cold, hungry, struggling or mourning. Give now at
Stop by the Middle Church Store and purchase some beautiful stuff. There are greeting cards, workshops and swag that you’ll enjoy. Your purchases fund just love.
Register for our 15th annual conference: Revolutionary Love: The Courage to Imagine, all-virtual on April 15-18.
Don’t forget to check out the links below for information on our past. I’m so grateful to you that we are building a future, together.
I love you,