We see you Asian family

I know you share my heartbreak about the state of our union. A man killed 8 people—6 of them Asian. Our AAPI siblings are outraged: People have told me they feel invisible, vulnerable, and understandably afraid. Video of attacks in San Francisco, in Oakland, and in New York prove that hatred and violence come in all shades. I pray mercy from our loving God, who created all of us in her image; that we can find a way forward from the bigotry and racism that is in the DNA of our nation. Along with our prayers, here’s a list of ways we are responding.
Earlier in the week, the Catholic Church reminded their LGBTQIA+ faithful and the world that they will not honor the love between queer couples. I love this feisty, wonderful interview in which Susan Davis and Claudia Slacik show their love—and the power of revolutionary love—in public.
As we marked one year of COVID-19, Brian Lehrer held a beautiful ritual on his show, to read the names of New Yorkers who died. I was honored to hold space with him, mourning lost uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, parents, spouses and children. Remember that Amanda, Darrell, the deacons and I are here for you, to love you in this difficult time. Click here to find resources for care.
These hot-mess times make me yearn for a justice revolution, for love lived out loud. And that’s why I’m so grateful our community is loving us as we seek to rebuild our sacred space. Tituss Burgess, Matthew Johnson Harris and so many others have collaborated on a benefit concert—March to Rise, which will be streamed to you live from Bloomingdales Studio 59 on March 25 at 7:00 p.m. ET. Pay what you can, and come listen to Norah Jones and Tituss sing, hear Michelle Hurd speak, be inspired by Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Melissa Harris Perry and more. It’s going to be amazing! Don’t miss it. And, if you get ten people to join you, we’ll send you a Middle Rising mug as a gift.
These times also require bad-ass acts of justice and organizing. Our 15th Revolutionary Love Conference is April 15-18. And we have an incredible line-up for you! The price for you, Middle Family, is $50 through Easter Sunday—get your tickets now before we sell out at that level. Just use the code DREAMER.
And these days also require inspiration. On Sunday, Rev. Natalie Renee Perkins preaches, “Know Better, Do Better.” So come, be inspired, and then join AAPI Rally Against Hate in Columbus Park (email Gloria Moy if you’d like to go with Middle folks), and stay tuned for details on a Sunday night digital vigil organized by our friend Debbie Almontaser.
We are family, we are grieving, and we must hold onto each other as we forge a fierce new future. In that future, AAPI lives matter, our queer family can love who they love without bias, our nation is healed of hatred, and love is the ethic that guides our nation into peace.
In just love,